The Lourosa Story

Since 1988, Lisa has used her designer’s eye for creating and adapting spaces to the unique needs of her clientele, whether commercial or residential. A hiatus in 2015 from her architecture business, Designs for Living, allowed her to pursue her passion for fashion. With her appreciation of texture and color, this was a seamless transition.

Lisa developed her fashion sense working in the family business, Bilao’s Department Store in Houston. The clothing business is certainly in her genes! With her penchant for preservation in architecture and nostalgia for elegance in fashion, she had the idea to preserve vintage furs from decades past. She discovered dated treasures from women named Mable, Gracie and Betty, longing to be launched “Back to the Future.”

Lisa applies her knowledge of process and renovation to the retail fur business with the eco-friendly twist of utilizing products of fur harvests from bygone years. Lourosa wraps, like Lisa’s architectural creations, seek a timeless quality and are designed for living!